How To Login

IP means Internet protocol and IP is generally used by Linksys broadband routers. If any user wants to get in the router configuration setting then he has to use IP and same IP address is necessary to get internet connection. To connect printers and computers are used this IP address. Other few manufactures use same IP address. To know more on IP addresses read our rest of articles.

This (or 192.168.l.1, 168.192.l.l) IP address is necessary while router is installed. Linksys use same IP address in their different routers.The IP address is changeable and an user can change or set another new IP from series. IP address is private and it is not open for public. It means the IP address can be accessed by other from outside. PC and ipod can find router and it is called SSID.Private IP address is more secured than public IP.

If you want to log in router’s administrative console then you have to use IP. When you put the IP address in the browser’s address bar then you can see a login screen where you have to give username and password which you will find in the user manual or manufacturer website.

If you get any error that means there are some settings miss-matched. If you problems then you should check that the connection is properly installed or not. LED light indication is perfectly working or not. Make sure that your router is on and indication is working. Problem may arise from your PC too.Check this blog where you will find article which is related with routers problems and solutions. If you not find related solution of your problems then you should visit manufacturer’s website or call to the customers support of the manufacturer.